Grass regenerate in the garden with sunlight.

Scotts ProVista St. Augustine Sod the Smart Solution

Your home’s lawn is an essential part of your property, and having the proper sod installation can help your yard not only look good but also provide the correct grass for the environment. The heat of the American South makes Scotts ProVista St. Augustine sod a practical addition to your home, making your yard look luxurious. As an Orlando sod solution, St. Augustine sod provides grass that grows well in warm environments.

Sod farms in Florida offer St. Augustine sod to help your lawn look better and respond to the, at times, hot environment found in Florida.

About St. Augustine Grass

St. Augustine has several types, each offering unique features such as shade, growth patterns, and resistance to certain diseases and pests. St. Augustine grass has coarse, wide blades and is a type of grass that grows well in environments categorized as tropical and subtropical. This makes it a common sight in the southern part of the United States, especially along the Gulf Coast. Sod is one of the most common ways to add this type of grass to your property. It has a deep green color and is often referred to as carpet grass because it is dense, provided you perform regular maintenance.

ProVista St. Augustine

ProVista St. Augustine is a particular type of sod that offers many valuable traits to homeowners. Some of the features of this type of sod include its good growth in the shade, less of a need for mowing due to how it grows, and a dense growth pattern that is visually appealing.

Why Use St. Augustine Sod For Your Lawn

There are many reasons to choose St. Augustine over other standard options for your lawn. These can include its capability to grow well in the shade and heat, tolerance to the types of soil found in coastal areas, holding its color well despite warm and dry conditions, responding well to weeds, recovering from mild foot traffic, resistance to salt in the soil, and working well in Florida weather patterns. It is a tolerant grass that can increase, giving you a nice-looking lawn after planting it.    

Adding Scotts ProVista St. Augustine Sod Over A Lawn With Grass Growth

If your lawn already has grass, it will require some preparation before adding St. Augustine sod. Killing off your old grass can prevent the two types of grass from competing for resources. Proper lawn preparation also helps your new St. Augustine grass grow better and last longer. Adding the correct levels of irrigation and fertilizer can also help your sod grow deeper roots and improve growth and the overall appearance of your lawn.

St. Augustine Versus Other Types of Grass

St. Augustine grass offers many advantages compared to other commonly used types of lawn grass. Zoysia is another type of shade-tolerant grass that is often used for personal lawns. Compared to St. Augustine grass, St. Augustine is more tolerant to cold snaps in the winter, grows faster, has a faster growth rate when damaged, and is also cheaper. Compared to another popular option, Bermuda grass St. Augustine has stronger resistance to weeds, leading to less care, such as less fertilizer. Plus, St. Augustine can grow in the shade.  

Add Pet Ownership

If you own pets, their safety is a top concern. You want to know that the grass you’re adding to your property is safe for them. St. Augustine grass is very safe for pets, and pets often enjoy its texture and the fact that it can cool your lawn. St. Augustine grass is also durable, which makes it fun for pets to play on and can also help prevent damage from play and pet urine.

Adding St. Augustine Grass To Your Property

When you need sod delivery in Orlando, local experts such as Duda Sod can provide the service and support you need to have the lawn you’ve been looking for. Expert help ensures that your lawn is correctly prepared and that the sod is correctly laid for future growth.