Everything You Need to Know About Icon Zoysia Grass

Icon Zoysia grass is a variation of the popular Zoysia grass style, which grows well here in Florida. Through careful breeding, cultivators have developed Icon Zoysia grass to maintain all of the best natural qualities of Zoysia while also improving on the overall aesthetics. This type of grass stands up to the Florida climate with ease and is also easy to care for, making it a common choice for both homes and commercial properties. Read on to learn all about Icon Zoysia grass to decide if it will suit your needs and preferences.

The Excellent Look

Icon Zoysia grass is a broad-bladed grass, though it is slightly less broad than standard Zoysia. It is known for its soft texture, so it is great for outdoor entertaining areas, enabling guests to comfortably walk around on the grass barefoot. The grass boasts a rich emerald green hue that can also have hints of blue from time to time. It maintains this vibrant color with less water than other grass types, so you can continue to enjoy its beauty without worrying about your water bills.

Hardiness and Durability

A warm-weather grass, Icon Zoysia grass thrives in spring and summer months, establishing and spreading rapidly for smooth, even coverage across your entire lawn. Because of its fast-growing speed, Icon Zoysia grass is an excellent choice for filling in bare patches or recovering your lawn with a new grass type. Although best suited to warm weather, it does tolerate cold weather well, so there is no need to stress about your grass dying off in the winter. It will continue growing throughout the year, though not as quickly during colder periods.

Its key selling point is its salt tolerance, which sets it apart from many other grass varieties.

It does remarkably well in areas with high salt content in the soil and atmosphere, like at homes near Florida’s robust coastlines. Also making Icon Zoysia grass stand out is that it has fair shade tolerance. . It does very well in full sun areas, so this is a great option for a sunny front yard or backyard.

As long as your lawn gets enough water, of which Icon Zoysia grass doesn’t require much, it will hold up well under foot traffic. This makes Icon Zoysia grass popular for backyards, parks, sports fields, and other areas that get plenty of wear and tear. Because it spreads horizontally so rapidly, it will restore any damaged areas on its own relatively quickly.

Finally, Icon Zoysia grass is more resistant to large patch fungus, common in Florida lawns, than other grasses. It also resists weeds fairly well, meaning less work for you. Pre-emergent herbicides can boost weed resistance even further.

Good Care and Maintenance

Icon Zoysia grass thrives when kept at about 1 to 2 inches in height. The grass grows rapidly, though it grows more horizontally than vertically. In the Winter months, mowing every other week is recommended. In the summer months, mowing weekly is recommended… Its high drought tolerance means that Icon Zoysia grass only needs about an inch of water each week, though it can easily get by with less. Because we get frequent rain here in Florida, you may not need to water your lawn at all in some weeks. Keep watch for any signs of drought stress so you only water your lawn as needed.

This type of grass doesn’t need much fertilizer, as it grows rapidly on its own and thrives in hot, salty areas. However, to keep it at its best, it is still smart to fertilize in late spring and early fall for the best results. Check your soil composition to determine which type of fertilizer your lawn most needs.

Fresh Icon Zoysia Grass for Sale to Start Your New Lawn

Icon Zoysia grass establishes itself rapidly from sod. For all your sod needs in Florida, Duda Sod is here to help. We’ll help you evaluate your needs to determine whether Icon Zoysia grass fits the bill. Our team will make suitable recommendations based on your property location, shade configuration, and intended use.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about Icon Zoysia grass and the many other sod varieties we have in stock to get your Florida lawn ready for the coming spring and summer.