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Series: Grass Varieties: Seville St. Augustine, Bimini Bermuda, and Celebration Bermuda

In continuing our series on the many varieties of sod for sale we have here at Duda Sod, in this post, we’ll discuss Seville St. Augustine, Bimini Bermuda, and Celebration Bermuda. All of these grass types are well-suited for our climate here in Florida. They hold up well in the heat and frequent sunshine. While they are similar in some ways, these varietals do have their distinctions.

Here’s what you need to know

Seville St. Augustine Grass

St. Augustine is one of the most popular grass among Florida homeowners, thanks to its durability in hot climates. The Seville variation is even more hardy, doing well in both sunny and shaded areas. It is tolerant of salt in the air as well, making it an excellent choice for coastal properties. The blades are narrow, but they grow in a dense pattern, making your lawn look lush and healthy. The deep green color adds to the effect, and it maintains its hue throughout the fall and winter for year-round beauty.

Seville St. Augustine is one of the easiest grasses to maintain and doesn’t require much special care. Be sure that all areas receive the right amount of irrigation; shady areas will require less water than sunnier spots. Mow your lawn to about 2 inches or so in height, as opposed to the 3 to 4 inches that is common for other St. Augustine varieties. A bit of fertilizer high in nitrogen will help your lawn bounce back quickly in spring after its winter dormancy.

Bimini Bermuda Grass

Bimini Bermuda is a luxurious grass type that is often used for golf courses and sports fields, thanks to its deep green color and exemplary wear tolerance. This grass can withstand plenty of foot traffic, and it also tolerates a wide range of weather conditions, including heat, cold, drought and humidity. It also does well in either sun or shade. The blades grow in a vertical pattern and are incredibly soft underfoot.

This style of grass grows more quickly than other varietals, so you’ll need to mow more frequently to keep it looking its best. Bimini Bermuda does best at a height between 1/2 inch and 2 inches. This requires a bit more work on your part, but the grass will fill in quickly and maintain its lush appearance. Although it can withstand freezing temperatures during the winter, it is best to wait until the weather has warmed up again in the spring or early summer before planting. This will make it easier for the grass’s root structure to work its way into the soil.

Celebration Bermuda Grass

Developed in Australia, Celebration Bermuda features a rich blue-green color. Like Bimini Bermuda, Celebration Bermuda can readily withstand heavy traffic, making it ideal for sports fields, golf courses and homes with pets or children. The key difference, though, is that Celebration Bermuda grows more slowly than other Bermuda grasses, meaning less mowing work for you. It does well in hot, humid environments like we have here in Florida, and it holds up just as well in the winter.

Because Celebration Bermuda doesn’t grow quickly, you won’t need to mow often, but this type of grass does prefer a shorter height than other Bermudas, coming in at no more than 1-1/2 inches. Although it grows relatively slowly, it does spread fairly rapidly, making it easy to cover your lawn area quickly after planting in the spring. It is important to note that Celebration Bermuda does not do well in shaded areas, so be sure to plant it in an area that is predominantly sunny to get the best results.

Need More Help Making Your Grass or Lawn Selection?

Now that you know a bit more about the sod varieties we have available, it’s time to choose the best one for you. Think carefully about your needs and preferences, as well as the condition of your soil and yard. If you still have questions or need more assistance in making your choice, we are always happy to help. Reach out to the Duda Sod team today to learn more about Seville St. Augustine, Bimini Bermuda, Celebration Bermuda, and the many other varieties we have in stock. Contact us to get started.