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Summer Lawns and Grass Varieties

When Florida homeowners consider buying sod for a new construction home lawn, or as a way to beautify their existing lawn for the summer season, it is wise to select varieties that will thrive in our warm climate. St. Augustine sod, Bahia sod, and Zoysia grass sod are three examples of grass varieties that are heat and drought-tolerant, and are perfect for your Florida lawn.

Local sod farms also sell Floratam sod replacement turf for people who need to cover bare spots or extend grassy areas. It is important to select a reputable sod farm that offers sod installation and sod delivery Orlando services so that your grass arrives in excellent condition. Before selecting a sod, learn about the different types of sod and which one would be best suited for your area.

Icon Zoysia Sod

When you want to buy sod that is medium-to-dark green, and also tolerates both full sun and partial shade, consider Icon Zoysia sod. Zoysia is different maintenance sod variety that is disease and pest tolerant and requires lower mowing heights than some lawn and grass varieties. This sod is perfect for lawn owners who prefer a more manicured look, as this type of sod requires lower mowing heights of 1-2 inches, reduced watering, and reduced fertilizers needed to thrive than many other types of sod on the market today. 

Floratam Sod

Floratam sod is a St. Augustine cultivator. There are a few differences between traditional St. Augustine grass and Floratam grass. For one thing, Floratam is more coarse and the blades are longer and wider than the St. Augustine sod that most homeowners are familiar with. And, while St. Augustine sod is usually medium-to-dark, Floratam sod is a deep, dark green.

While this cultivator thrives in full sun, it struggles to stay healthy in shady areas, and an early cold snap in the fall may mean your lawn turns brown. Floratam is not very hardy. You must also pay close attention to your blade setting because bare spots caused by mowing too low could quickly lead to a thriving weed situation.

Celebration Bermudagrass

Celebration is one of the best types of sod for the summer in Florida. This blue-green bermudagrass has excellent wear tolerance for playing on the lawn in the summertime when it’s a bit cooler outside to play, and it’s a lot softer than many other types of grass on the market. It’s also ideal for professional sports, like golf courses and recreational parks.  Additionally, this widely used sod is rated #1 in drought tolerance, which is especially useful for summer showers in Florida.

St. Augustine Sod

Mature, healthy St. Augustine sod is one of the most popular lawn varieties in southern Florida. You’ll see Orlando neighborhoods where every home has the quintessential blue-green colored lawn. The rapid growth creates a dense lawn that thrives in shade, especially in areas with limited foot traffic. This sod goes dormant during the winter season, reviving in early to mid-spring. Sod companies recommend maintaining a 2-4 inch height throughout the growing season.

Also new from the St. Augustine division is the Scotts ProVista St. Augustine, which was made specifically for warm Florida lawns and areas that need durable sod with a natural weed controller.

Popular Sod Florida Homeowners Choose

Bermuda, Centipede, and Bimini grass are three summer lawn varieties that are popular in Florida.

You’ll see Bermuda grass used as commercial turf for athletic fields and golf courses because it stands up well to heavy foot-traffic and is heat and drought tolerant. A word of caution: If Bermuda is not well-maintained, it may spread quickly to other areas, becoming an invasive nuisance as it overtakes gardens and grows up through walkways and drives.

In contrast to Bermuda, Centipede sod should only be laid in low-traffic areas. This variety needs plenty of water to stay healthy but does not usually require fertilization and pampering. Lastly, Bimini is used a lot throughout the state due to the fact that it does in fact adapt to many different climates and uses. 

If you need help deciding which type of sod is right for your lawn or commercial property, consult a Duda Sod professional today!