Lawn Herbicides for Florida grass and organic, natural sod.

Lawn Herbicides: Natural vs. Chemical

Properly caring for your Florida lawn requires constant vigilance against weeds, which can siphon precious water away from your grass, leaving it patchy and dry. Fortunately, you have multiple options available to you to keep your lawn looking its best over the years. Here’s what you need to know about both natural and chemical remedies for common lawn weeds.

Start with the Soil Quality When Dealing With Lawn Herbicides

In many cases, a healthy lawn will be strong enough to overpower any weeds to keep them from taking root. However, this requires your lawn to be healthy in the first place, and that starts with the quality of the soil underneath it. A professional landscaper or sod expert can help you evaluate the current condition of your soil, looking for any deficiencies. Then, you can begin to work to adjust the composition of your soil so that it is better for your grass.

In addition to the overall quality of the soil, you’ll also need to consider its density. Over time, the soil can become compacted, making it difficult for water and air to get to the roots. It is a good idea to aerate the soil for your lawn at least once a year. Fall is typically the best time of year to do this, as you’ll minimize any extra trauma to your lawn during the hot summer months.

Try Natural Remedies

Once you have gotten the quality of your soil and health of your lawn under control, you may find that you still have some stubborn weeds that just won’t go away. Your next course of action should be to make use of natural herbicides to kill the weeds. Natural solutions are not as harsh on your grass as chemical ones, and there is minimal risk to the health of your children or pets.

The most effective, natural way to get rid of weeds is simply to pull them by hand. Depending on the type of weed, this process shouldn’t be too challenging, though it may be a bit time-consuming, depending on the extent of the weed growth. As you pull, grab the weeds as close to the base as possible, and work them out of the soil slowly. The goal is to pull out the entire root structure along with the part that is visible above the ground to prevent the weeds from coming back. Weed-digging tools are available at any home improvement store, and they have the added benefit of aerating your soil as you remove the weeds.

You can also use vinegar as a natural herbicide. However, this method will typically take several applications to get rid of the weeds, and it may even kill portions of your lawn in the process. Your local home improvement store will likely have many organic or all-natural herbicide solutions for you to choose from. These natural herbicides can often target just the weeds, leaving your lawn intact.

Turn to Chemicals as a Last Resort

If you have tried all of the above techniques and still have weeds in your Florida lawn, chemical herbicides may be your best option. There are many brands that offer chemical weed-killers that can target the weeds and preserve your lawn. Many modern varieties are also safe for use around children and pets, though it is always a good idea to keep your loved ones away from any treated areas to ensure their safety.

The main drawback to chemical herbicides is that the chemicals can seep down through the soil and into the groundwater, so it is best to keep their use to a minimum unless absolutely necessary. On the plus side, though, these remedies tend to be fast-acting, helping you get rid of the weeds in your lawn as quickly as possible.

Upgrade Your Lawn with Fresh Sod

If past weed invasions and unsuccessful attempts to get rid of them have left your lawn looking less than stellar, the grass experts here at Duda Sod are here to help. Our sod company carries a wide variety of grass types that grow well here in the Florida climate. We’ll help you get your lawn looking its best and help you keep it that way. Reach out to our team today to get started.