What Are The Best Florida Sod Types

When choosing a type of sod for your Florida lawn, it is important to choose a grass variety that will grow well in the local climate. Heat and humidity are definite concerns, as is the salt content of the atmosphere, particularly in coastal areas. If you choose a grass based solely on its appearance and not on its hardiness, you could find yourself struggling to keep your lawn healthy and strong over the years. With a well-suited grass variety, on the other hand, you’ll have a much easier time maintaining your lawn and helping it thrive.

Here’s a closer look at some of the seed types for you to consider at home:

St. Augustine at Home

This is arguably the most popular grass type in all of Florida. Homeowners throughout the state love St. Augustine grass for its rapid growth, hardiness, and good salt tolerance. It is capable of withstanding the hot summers that are so common here, though it doesn’t hold up as well during the colder weather that we sometimes experience during the winter. However, because it grows so quickly, it bounces back relatively well when temperatures rise again in the spring. There are many different varieties of St. Augustine, each with its own unique hue and special properties like shade tolerance and resistance to chinch bugs, a common local lawn pest.

Although St. Augustine is one of the best Florida sod types, it does have one main drawback. Due to its fast growth, it does need to be mowed more often than other varieties to keep it looking tidy. However, that is a small price to pay for a lawn that looks so lush and full throughout the bulk of the year.

Bahia Stays Green

Bahia grass also does very well in the local climate, thanks to its robust ability to withstand drought and other stresses. It’s lush and soft, making it great for playing with your pets or relaxing with your family. It requires minimal irrigation, so you can save money on your water bills, and it does well in full sun. It does tend to grow quickly, so you’ll need to mow weekly, and it can be prone to weeds. However, if you stay on top of pulling weeds quickly as they arise, it is entirely manageable.

Zoysia for Heavy Traffic

Zoysia grass is widely used for erosion control on roadsides and retention ponds. One of the best things about this sod type, though, is that it is much more low-maintenance than other grass varieties. It is drought-tolerant and can withstand heavy foot traffic, great for homeowners with children or pets. It grows well in both shade and sun, and it goes dormant during cold weather, protecting itself for when spring warmth returns.

Bermuda for Minimal Maintenance

This type of grass has a deep green color. It does well in just about any conditions, including salt, drought, heavy traffic, and other stresses. It thrives in both sun and shade and requires minimal maintenance. However, it does grow quickly, so you’ll need to mow more often.

Your Source for the Best Sod in Florida

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