Photo of lawn in shady area covered in grass.

Best Sod to Put Near Shady Areas

There are a number of sods to choose from in Florida. No matter which sod farm you visit or sod company you buy from, you are certain to encounter a large number of high-quality sods, such as zoysia sod and floratam sod. However, there are only a few kinds of grass that thrive when you put turf near shady areas.

Seville Grass

The first kind of grass that thrives in shady grass areas is Seville. Homeowners interested in getting St. Augustine sod for the shady area in their lawn should seriously consider Seville turfgrass. One of the reasons why Seville is a fantastic sod for your shady grass area is because of its capability in handling a longer time in the shade.

Sod near South Florida does not require very much sun at all in order to survive and grow properly. One of the reasons why Seville is an ideal choice is because it has a dark green color and is excellent at retaining its color during the fall. You are also unlikely to see if it has turned an unpleasant brown color. This can happen if it absorbs too much sunlight. Seville generally only requires six to seven hours of sunlight per day.

You can also mow Seville grass with a mower that has a standard rotary blade. It will grow back just fine. Another benefit to Seville grass is that its weed control is good. This means you will not have to put as much work into killing weeds near this grass.

Palmetto Turfgrass

The other variety of grass which does well in shady grass areas is Palmetto. This turfgrass is an excellent choice if you are looking for grass that flourishes near shady areas. Palmetto only needs between three to four hours of direct sunlight every day in order to thrive.

You can plant Palmetto in the shady part of your lawn and trust that it will do well. The fact that Palmetto turfgrass does so well in the shade is only one benefit as to why many property owners decide to include it in their lawns.

Palmetto turfgrass is also great for the shady grass area in your lawn because it is quite a low-maintenance turfgrass. This sod does exceptionally well in colder conditions, making it perfect for homeowners looking for high-quality sod. Palmetto turfgrass continues to thrive even if the soil is saltier. Additionally, It does fairly well even with a shortage of water present.

Palmetto turfgrass recovers quite well if you accidentally damage it while you are mowing the shadier part of your lawn. It provides pretty good weed control and contributes to the overall benefit of it being a low-maintenance turfgrass. Less maintenance equals less money, time, and effort spent on maintaining your lawn. Palmetto turfgrass is one of the premier options if you are a homeowner or business owner looking to spruce up your shady grassed areas.

Hire an Expert To Determine the Best Sod for Your Shady Area

At Duda Sod, we offer both Palmetto and Seville turfgrass. We can also take care of sod installation and provide other services to help your lawn or commercial business flourish all year round. If you want to learn more about Palmetto turfgrass and Seville turfgrass, contact us to find out the best way to care for your grass!