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Seashore Paspalum for your Florida Home Lawn

The hot and humid climate of Florida, plus the high levels of humidity, requires a particular type of grass that can adapt and thrive in these conditions. One of the best examples of turfgrass for Florida homeowners is seashore paspalum.

Seashore paspalum is excellent turfgrass for coastal locations heavily affected by saltwater. This grass grows exceptionally well in sandy soil and tolerates heavy rains and waterlogged conditions. It will even survive being covered in water for short periods of time. This grass is considered by many professionals to be the best salt-tolerant turfgrass for Florida lawns and other coastal areas.

Some Basic Facts About Seashore Paspalum Grass

Seashore paspalum can grow well in many locations, not just near the coast and saltwater. It is very adaptable to many types of soils and water conditions and tolerates high humidity levels as well as drought conditions. This is what makes this grass so versatile and highly desirable as a turfgrass.

This robust, bright-green, warm season grass is quite vigorous in growth and spreads by rhizomes and stolons. The rhizomes of seashore paspalum can be quite aggressive, spreading underground much like that of bermudagrass. The aboveground stolons also spread quickly from the crown of the plant, creating a very thick lawn.

Seashore paspalum needs less nitrogen that many other turfgrasses and less lawn fertilizer for optimum growth. Because of its low nutrient requirement and its aggressive spreading ability, seashore paspalum can choke out most weeds.

The texture of seashore paspalum turfgrass can range from medium to fine, which makes it a good candidate for mowing on a low setting, therefore allowing more time to elapse between mowings. However, care should be taken not to cut too closely or ‘scalp’ this grass, because of the unattractive look it produces.

Drought Resistant and Quick Regrowth

Seashore paspalum grass doesn’t require a lot of water to grow and spreads quickly into a beautiful-looking and drought-resistant lawn that’s highly resistant to the damage of chinch bugs. If surface damage to the grass does occur, such as the digging of maintenance holes, seashore paspalum is quick to recover, with thick regrowth. Because of its rapid growth rate, this grass tolerates foot traffic very well and is used in such areas as golf courses or football fields.

This widely known grass is a favorite among professionals for being able to adapt to different soil and light conditions. Seashore paspalum turfgrass prefers full sun for optimal growth but performs quite decently in a shady area. The best location for this type of grass would be in an area where it receives shade for only part of the day, such as in the early morning or late evening.

Unusual Lawn Properties

Because of its great tolerance to salt, one unusual feature of seashore paspalum is that salt can be used as a weedkiller when growing this grass as a lawn. The advantage to using salt is that it’s non-toxic to humans and won’t cause harm to small children or pets like other, more toxic weed killers.

Seashore paspalum grows and thrives in situations where other turfgrasses may find survival difficult. Its winter dormancy is also quite short, and homeowners may choose not to overseed this grass for winter color because of this factor

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