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Duda Sod provides products and services for homeowners, installers, developers and builders, as well as sportsturf industry representatives.
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  • winter watering

Winter Watering – Keeping Your Florida Lawn Looking Great All Year Long

During winter in Florida, you won’t need to water your lawn as frequently as in the warmer months of summer, but that doesn’t mean that your grass doesn’t still need some attention. If you want it to stay as lush and green as possible when summer rolls around again, you’ll still need to keep up […]

  • common lawn pests

Guide to Common Florida Turf Pests

If you have a lawn in Florida, you know how much work it can take to keep it looking lush and vibrant over the years. With all the effort you’ve put into your lawn, the last thing you want is for it to be destroyed by pests. To keep your lawn healthy and looking its […]

  • little worry seville st. augustine grass

There’s Little Worry When Caring For Seville St. Augustine Grass

How you care for your yard and take care of your Seville St. Augustine Grass is important – and it shows. Having a great yard and healthy grass doesn’t just happen, however, it requires proper care, maintenance and protection. This isn’t as daunting a process as it sounds and there is good experienced lawn care […]

  • maintaining st. augustine grass

Tips for Maintaining St. Augustine Grass

St. Augustine grass is a common choice for lawns in the southern United States. That is because it is attractive and bright green, while having an excellent ability to thrive in tropical and even sub-tropical climates. It grows easily in these climates, but, like any grass, requires some maintenance to keep it healthy and looking […]

  • controlling weeds

Controlling Weeds is a Good Start to Having the Perfect Florida Lawn

Florida has a climate that people flock to. It has a reputation for warmth and sunshine that inspires songs. It is also a haven for weeds if we aren’t staying on top of our weed control responsibilities. Weed control is also a problem that all Florida residents are familiar with from homeowners to business owners […]

  • fertilizing your lawn

General Recommendations for Fertilizing Your Florida Lawn

Fertilizing your turfgrass may not be rocket science, but there’s more to it than you might think. If your grass isn’t performing to your expectations, you may need to alter your feeding methods. Working closely with the University of Florida, we offer the following general recommendations for fertilizing your Florida lawn.
Soil Test Your Turf
The topsoil […]

  • duda sod

Duda – More than Sod

What started as an immigrant’s dream and a celery farm became the diversified land company today which owns Duda Sod. With the extensive land holdings of the Duda family, growing sod in Central Florida seemed a natural thing to do. But sod farming represents only one branch of the family enterprise that boasts of nearly […]

  • grass clippings

Some Great Things about Composting Grass Clippings

If you think your weekly mowing only produces useless lawn waste, think again. In the cycle of life, clippings serve as fine food for other useful organisms, even livestock. Since Florida represents one of 23 states that ban grass clippings from landfills, “grass-cycling” is pretty much becoming the norm in one form or another. How […]

  • florida lawn

Watering Your Florida Lawn

The right amount of water makes a Florida lawn super lush and beautifully green. That’s why it’s important to make sure your lawn has adequate water during hot, dry weather. Watering your lawn keeps the grass from drying out and going dormant or dying.

How Much Water Does Your Lawn Need?

Lawn experts agree that an […]

  • cultural control

What is Cultural Control of Insects?

Agricultural man has always sought effective ways to rid crops of devastating insects. Prior to the 1950’s, some methods offered a modicum of success, but were broadly applied and not particularly selective. Thus, many pests developed tolerances such that heavier guns were called into use, specifically synthetic chemicals derived from industrial processes.

Initially very effective, these […]

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