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  • Green lawn for background

Is Centipede Grass Right for Your Florida Lawn?

Sometimes referred to as “the poor man’s grass,” because it requires less attention than most other sods, many homeowners choose centipede grass for their Florida lawns. As a warm-season grass with a tolerance for some cold, this type of cultivar serves well in northwest Florida. However, as lawns go, centipede grass has its own temperamental […]

  • mowing your florida lawn

Mowing Your Florida Lawn

Florida home and business owners are no doubt already familiar with the challenging nature of maintaining a lawn in the Sunshine State. The unique climate and weather in Florida lead to unique challenges. It’s vital that you know how often to mow your lawn, how the seasons affect your mowing schedule and picking and maintaining the […]

  • weed management

Weed Management Guide for Florida Lawns

You work hard to maintain a beautiful thick and green lawn, but those weeds just keep coming back.  How do you finally get rid of the crabgrass in your Florida lawn?
Eliminating Weeds from Established Turf
If you have weeds popping up in your lawn, only using prevention methods simply won’t address the current situation. You first […]


Heat Stress or Drought Stress?

As spring approaches in Florida, it is time for property owners to adjust their landscaping maintenance to account for a rise in temperature and seasonal rain patterns. Heat stress is most prevalent when a lawn is not prepared to handle the shift in temperatures. As the heat lingers, the effects of drought begin to take […]

  • seville for your home lawn

Why Should You Choose Seville for Your Home Lawn?

When you want a lush carpet of green around your Florida home, you can choose from quite a variety of turf grasses well adapted to the warm, humid conditions of our state. One of the most popular is St. Augustine grass. For yards with shade trees or near the coastline, your best cultivar may be […]

  • icon zoysia

Icon Zoysia: The Next Generation

Florida’s climate is unpredictable and harsh, but some hardy grasses can take it without doubling your water bill or looking scraggly and brown. In our opinion, Icon Zoysia is one of them. This hardy, vibrant grass hails from coastal Australia, so it tolerates our salty air and stays green (with hints of blue) with less […]

  • soil preparation

Soil Preparation for the Home Lawn

Whether you are replacing your weed infested lawn or putting turfgrass down for the first time at a new house, you will want to make sure that your soil is ready to support healthy growth of grass while being able to resist drought, pests, and invasive weeds. This takes more effort than a quick raking […]

  • annual nitrogen recommendations

Annual Nitrogen Recommendations of Different Turf Varieties

Nitrogen is perhaps the most crucial nutrient your turfgrass requires to resist damage from pests, disease, and even to survive the searing heat of a Florida summer.  How much should you apply and when? Read on for some quick tips and information.
Quick Reference for Annual Nitrogen Requirements for Top Turf Grasses
Shown as total pounds of […]

  • big black insect on grass close-up

Insects On Your Lawn? Good vs. Bad

While your first instinct when you see any kind of insect on your property might be to squish it, sometimes it is best to know what it is you are trying to eradicate.  Yes, many insects can become pests by invading our homes, spreading disease, and destroying lawns and buildings, but sometimes that insect might […]

  • Back yard Oasis

5 Tips for Incorporating Hardscapes into Your Backyard

Is your backyard soft, green and possibly boring? If so, incorporating some hardscapes can cure that. Hardscaping involves the addition of non-plant elements that add visual interest and purpose. Some objects that fit well into backyard designs could include:

outdoor kitchen
rock garden
paved pathways
fish pond
retaining walls
large planters
Japanese garden
putt putt golf course

Really, your creativity and budget form the […]

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