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  • grass clippings

Some Great Things about Composting Grass Clippings

If you think your weekly mowing only produces useless lawn waste, think again. In the cycle of life, clippings serve as fine food for other useful organisms, even livestock. Since Florida represents one of 23 states that ban grass clippings from landfills, “grass-cycling” is pretty much becoming the norm in one form or another. How […]

  • florida lawn

Watering Your Florida Lawn

The right amount of water makes a Florida lawn super lush and beautifully green. That’s why it’s important to make sure your lawn has adequate water during hot, dry weather. Watering your lawn keeps the grass from drying out and going dormant or dying.

How Much Water Does Your Lawn Need?

Lawn experts agree that an […]

  • cultural control

What is Cultural Control of Insects?

Agricultural man has always sought effective ways to rid crops of devastating insects. Prior to the 1950’s, some methods offered a modicum of success, but were broadly applied and not particularly selective. Thus, many pests developed tolerances such that heavier guns were called into use, specifically synthetic chemicals derived from industrial processes.

Initially very effective, these […]

  • St. Augustine Grass

Will Your St. Augustine Grass Fall to Chinch Bugs?

Southern chinch bugs love St. Augustine lawns. While they will feed on other cultivars from time to time, their favorite food happens to be the most popular type of grass grown in Florida. If you manage a St. Augustinegrass lawn, whether professionally or at home, you may wonder if it’s just a matter of time […]

  • de1aed5003aa905dfed9927b2acc9f83

Who is IFAS?

The Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences at the University of Florida is a tremendous resource for communities throughout the state because growers have access to knowledge, best practices, and support related to natural sciences. The IFAS mission of developing knowledge, human and natural resources includes making information accessible to the public. The support the […]

  • seashore paspalum

Seashore Paspalum for your Florida Lawn

The hot and humid climate of Florida, plus the high levels of humidity, requires a particular type of grass that can adapt and thrive in these conditions. One of the best examples of turfgrass for Florida homeowners is seashore paspalum.

Seashore paspalum is excellent turfgrass for coastal locations heavily affected by saltwater. This grass grows exceptionally […]

  • coastal home with storm shutters

10 Tips to Prepare Your Home’s Exterior for Hurricanes

Living in Florida means maintaining an annual hurricane plan. By preparing your home’s exterior in advance, you greatly reduce the chances for damage should your area be the next target of Nature’s wrath. Here are 10 tips to make your home ready for the season.
1. Photograph Your Exterior, Yard and Outdoor Possessions
By keeping a photographic […]

  • Green lawn for background

Is Centipede Grass Right for Your Florida Lawn?

Sometimes referred to as “the poor man’s grass,” because it requires less attention than most other sods, many homeowners choose centipede grass for their Florida lawns. As a warm-season grass with a tolerance for some cold, this type of cultivar serves well in northwest Florida. However, as lawns go, centipede grass has its own temperamental […]

  • mowing your florida lawn

Mowing Your Florida Lawn

Florida home and business owners are no doubt already familiar with the challenging nature of maintaining a lawn in the Sunshine State. The unique climate and weather in Florida lead to unique challenges. It’s vital that you know how often to mow your lawn, how the seasons affect your mowing schedule and picking and maintaining the […]

  • weed management

Weed Management Guide for Florida Lawns

You work hard to maintain a beautiful thick and green lawn, but those weeds just keep coming back.  How do you finally get rid of the crabgrass in your Florida lawn?
Eliminating Weeds from Established Turf
If you have weeds popping up in your lawn, only using prevention methods simply won’t address the current situation. You first […]

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