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Duda Sod provides products and services for homeowners, installers, developers and builders, as well as sportsturf industry representatives.
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  • Grass Sports

What Grass is Best For Sports?

The grass utilized on a playing field impacts the performance of athletes and the dynamics of the game, making grass selection a critical decision. Florida’s weather makes these different types of grass suitable for playing fields: Bimini Grass, Celebration Bermuda Grass, and Tifway 419 Bermuda Grass. Each of these products has advantages relating to sports fields […]

  • Water Your Lawn

How to Water Your Lawn During Summer Showers

If you have spent a summer in Florida, you know how hot it can get during the day. However, the weather can be unpredictable at this time of the year, with plenty of rain and thunderstorms. This can make it challenging to water your lawn properly. The last thing you want is to overwater or […]

  • Shady Grass

Best Sod to Put Near Shady Areas

There are a number of sods to choose from in Florida. No matter which sod farm you visit or sod company you buy from, you are certain to encounter a large number of high-quality sods, such as zoysia sod and floratam sod. However, there are only a few kinds of grass that thrive when you […]

  • Fertilization

Florida Fertilization Recommendations for the Best Lawn

The secret behind a beautiful lawn is in what you do, and how you do it. Certain grass acclimates better and is better suited for certain climates. Nearly any grass can live and even thrive in virtually any climate, but only if it is installed, maintained, and fertilized properly.
Florida’s Climate Is Ideal For Most Sod […]

  • Watering Grass Lawn

The Science Behind Watering My Grass

Our lawns can create the perfect image for our homes, our businesses, and for any number of facilities. They can also wreck that image which can have costly and unwanted consequences. Most of us have had that experience; both good and bad. And while we all tend to blame the weather, sun, or our sprinklers […]

  • Grass Allergies

Managing Grass Pollen Allergies

Florida’s warm, sunny weather keeps it green year round, but that means pollen and other allergens are present all year too. Grass pollen allergies are among the most common, but you can’t exactly avoid grass altogether, especially if you own a home with a lawn. If you have allergic reactions to grass pollen (also known […]

  • Florida Grass St. Augustine

The Different Types of St. Augustine Grass

When you live in Florida, St. Augustine grass is a way of life. It is shorter, wider, and coarser than varieties of grass found farther north. The individual blades are also sharper than what you might find elsewhere, so it can be challenging to walk on St. Augustine grass in bare feet.

As common as St. […]

  • Weather Lawn Care

Watering Around the Weather: Your Guide to Lawn Care in Florida

Here in Florida, many homeowners like to maintain lawns on their properties. Lawns not only look great, but they also provide a wonderful place for your children or pets to play. What’s more, a well-maintained lawn can actually add to the value of your home, helping you to claim a higher price when you decide […]

  • Responsible Fertilization of your Florida Lawn

Responsible Fertilization of your Florida Lawn

Without fertilizer your Florida lawn will have a difficult time reaching its full potential. A healthy lawn is green, however, you must know how to properly utilize nutrients. Florida lawns have unique needs when it comes to fertilization, and you also want to take the health and wellbeing of the environment into consideration when you […]

  • Get the Right Sod for Your Landscaping Project

Get the Right Sod for Your Landscaping Project

There are certain considerations when choosing the right sod for your next landscaping project. Factors such as climate, project size, and budget are but just a few of those factors and of course there is the issue of appearance. So how do you start, where do you look and what do you need to know […]

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