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Duda Sod provides products and services for homeowners, installers, developers and builders, as well as sportsturf industry representatives.
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Empire Turf on Your Home Lawn

For residential landscaping, nothing beats the appeal of thick, green lawns. They provide open areas for viewing and play, while cutting down on dust around the home. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, the state of Florida exists within three growing zones, so selecting the right features in your turfgrass can be a […]

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How to Calibrate a Fertilizer Spreader

Just because you bought a brand new spreader at the DIY store, it doesn’t mean it is accurate. In order to prevent under or over application of fertilizer, feed, and seed to your beautiful lawn, it is a good idea to calibrate your spreader whether it is right off the shelf or several years old. […]

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Fall Fertilization for the Home Lawn

Beautiful lawns are often the envy of neighbors and passersby in Florida. Many people give up on their lawns because they think it is too difficult or complicated to do things properly. At Duda Sod, we are here to encourage you to do a little research and jump in with both feet. Turfgrasses should cover […]

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Weeds in Your Florida Lawn

Keeping weeds out of your Florida lawn can seem a lot like keeping alligators out of the Everglades: an impossible mission. Fortunately, weeds can’t eat you, so your odds of success increase in the battle for a beautiful yard. Even so, weeds come in a multitude of makes and models for which no single eradication […]

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Preparing to Plant a Florida Lawn

A beautiful Florida home deserves a beautiful lawn. A carpet of lush green grass will increase curb appeal and property value, making your home a showplace.

Check the Location

To plant a lawn in sunny Florida first start with the site. Will your new lawn be in part shade or full sun? How much lawn do you […]

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Calibrate Your Home Lawn Sprinkler System

Few things make home lawn care easier than an automatic irrigation system — that is, once it is properly calibrated. Because both underwatering and overwatering take a toll on grass, it is imperative to find the “Goldilocks” rate for each lawn. The process of calibrating the sprinkler system often reveals developing or full-blown problems, so […]

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Best Management Practices for the Home Lawn

Homeowners interested in cultivating healthy, sustainable lawns in Florida should take a systematic approach to their particular lawn-growing situation. Between the University of Florida (UF), commercial landscaping professionals and weed and pest control enterprises, homeowners enjoy an abundance of resources to help guide them towards the best management practices for their turf. Any effective game […]

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Turf in the Shade

For lawns to thrive, areas that don’t get at least six hours of direct sun a day require that you carefully select the sod variety that will be installed or restored on your property. A number of factors may affect how much sunlight reaches your grass. Buildings and trees can block sunlight, and sunlight varies […]

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Minimizing Traffic on Your Home Lawn to Save a Tender Yard

Out of all the popular home landscaping media, nothing quite matches the visual appeal and luxury of sod grass. The highly-esteemed emerald tableau and cushioned texture never go out of style. With their inherent properties as a desirable ground cover, healthy lawns beg us to come play and relax across their welcoming expanses.

However, like the […]

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ID of Turf Landscape Diseases

Awareness is Half the Battle
Florida is known for its lush greenery and gorgeous landscapes. Unfortunately, some of the same conditions that create beautiful outdoor spaces also lead to common landscape diseases. Rust, take-all root, brown patch, and gray leaf spot are sometimes mistaken for weather-related stress and damage. Be aware of any changes happening […]

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